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Back to work Hong Kong

Posted on 21/12/2015 by Caroline Carson

When I first learnt about FLEXImums I knew I needed to meet Marie- and when I did I was so excited. In early 2015 I founded Back to work Hong Kong because I had met so many women (and a few men) who had taken a break from the workforce and wanted to get back in. Sometimes only a few years had passed, but often it was many years. These individuals were from many backgrounds, countries and professions but they largely had two things in common; first they knew they didn't want to return to their previous career weren't sure what the wanted to do and secondly, they wanted work that was interesting, challenging but also flexible. 

I founded Back to work Hong Kong to address the first issue and develop a strategy for the second. Marie has recognised the same issues, for very similar reasons, but has provided the perfect platform for the second. So it was a completely natural step for us to work as partners. 

Like many of you, I took a break from my very successful career in financial services to have children and at the same time follow my husband around the world. When we were settled in Hong Kong and I was ready to return to the workforce I was lucky enough to come across a new career that was challenging, interesting and flexible. After working several years as a facilitator and executive coach for many international businesses in Hong Kong and around Asia I realised that there were actually many more opportunities than I had thought. The difficulty was in identifying them- because most people weren't sure exactly what they wanted to do or how to go about finding out. So I decided to offer a short course to see if there was a market for it- and yes, there is. Since then I've run three more Back to work programs with many more planned and have expanded the programs to focus on those who would like to run their own business or need assistance with finding the right role. I also provide assistance with everything from CV enhancement to networking strategies on a one to one basis. 

I'm also working with a number of corporate clients in the diversity and inclusion space, with a focus on expanding Return to work initiatives as well as support for greater flexibility within the workforce. 

 So if you're looking for flexible work but are not sure exactly what you want to or can do, come and join one of our upcoming programs, talk to us about enhancing your CV or your networking approach as well using FLEXImums as a key part of your job hunting strategy.


Caroline Carson

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