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Kids, Chores and a Thriving Business

Posted on 3/03/2016 by Marie Swarbreck

Kids, Chores and a Thriving Business 

Theresa is a hands-on mum and a big proponent of healthy living for her growing family. She always takes the opportunity to advocate safe and healthy alternatives to family and friends. Here, she shares her experience with Cambridge and how she fits her consultant duties into a regular day.

“The opportunity to join Cambridge came along 2 years ago when my consultant and friend left Hong Kong. Tung Chung was in need of a Cambridge consultant and I felt ready to step up.

I had been in Hong Kong for 8 years and my children were beginning to grow up. I needed something to do keep me from becoming “rusty”. I wasn’t ready to go back to work full-time as I still wanted to be very hands-on with my children and be around for their milestones. Cambridge offered me that option and more. Aside from running my own business in my own time, I’m able to share my passion for healthy living, meet different people and attend training and courses relevant to my business.

The flexibility of my working hours is something I really appreciate about my job at Cambridge. A typical day begins at 6:30am where I prepare breakfast and pack lunches for my hubby and son. From then until 9am, I have some quiet “me-time” to catch up with friends and family online and reply to emails. At 9am my daughter wakes up and we have breakfast together. 10am – 12 noon is when I take my daughter to one of her activities (she is loving ballet at the moment) and I also use this time to meet my clients. Between 2pm – 4pm is the time for errands, home management, personal DIY projects (which I love!), online work (blogging), picking up stock from Central and meeting clients. The kids come back from school at 4:30pm, and for my clients who work in the office, I pop out to see them between 6pm – 7:30pm. I have a special client that I meet during Saturday mornings as well. The key for me is maintaining an open line with my clients so that they can email or message me throughout the day and I always respond as soon as I can. I can resume working when the kids are in bed by 8:30pm.

My meetings with clients are always different. Sometimes we have a quick catch up if they haven’t been in touch via email or Whatsapp; we always take measurements and record their latest weight; we discuss victories and challenges that have come up along with options and possible solutions. We also spend some time discussing planned activities for the week or until we meet again and how to overcome challenges from activities that are not normally part of the routine (family holidays, all-girl holidays, dinner parties, birthdays, socials at work, etc.)

My belief is that mums never run out of things to do and we’ve got the natural ability to get more than we expect done!”