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Gender Equity Conference - meet Lynne Barry, Global Head of Learning and Development at Telstra

Posted on 16/08/2016 by Marie Swarbreck

Meet panelist #4

Meet Lynne Barry, Global Head of Learning and Development at Telstra

Question 1 - Can you introduce yourself in a couple of sentences?

I am the Global Head of Learning and Development for Telstra, supporting the learning for our 36,000 people across 23 countries. This includes Telstra's Leadership and High Potential programs, and the full spectrum of our professional and technical learning and development. 


Question 2 - How has your company/position got you involved in the gender equity space?

In Telstra every business unit has its own D&I council and I’m the council leader for International & New Business D&I council. Within our council we focus on gender diversity, LGBTI, people with disability and ‘local talent’ this year. A focus on gender equality (and all forms of diversity) and being more inclusive is critical to the success of our business, so it’s impossible to envisage a successful future for any company seeking to grow, without there being a focus on making sure that gender equality is part of that success.


Question3 - Can employees access flexibility at work and how does that feature in your organisation?

“All Roles Flex” has been the catalyst of flexible work and careers at Telstra. This can mean different things for different people including alternate start and finish times, condensed working hours, part time arrangements and working from home or alternate locations. This has enabled our talents to work more flexibly and sustainable while they can spend more time with family or their personal interest. Telstra connects people and organisations through mobility and flexibility.  However, we weren’t adequately embracing these opportunities ourselves or enabling employees to have flexibility in their diverse life stages and events.  We knew incremental approaches would not impact on attraction, retention and engagement as we needed to deliver our business strategy.

“All Roles Flex” means flexibility is the starting point for working at Telstra.  Our leaders aim to model balance.  We focus on outcomes, not face-time, and we use technology, workplace design and new attitude to support how we work. It starts at recruitment and goes across scheduled and non-scheduled roles.

“All Roles Flex” has impacted gender balance in attraction and retention, improved engagement scores and therefore productivity, and employees’ access to the balance they need.  We’ve also seen improved indicators around stress and pressure and thousands of employees enabled to embrace new ways of working for themselves and their teams.


Question 4 - What are you currently doing to improve gender balance in HK

With 39% female representation as HK’s FY17 target, we have rolled out “Brilliant Connected Women” as a network for men and women focused on gender equality; “Staying Connected Program” supporting women taking and returning from maternity leave to have a positive and productive experience; promoted International Day / White Ribbon Day in HK; our global policy on family and Domestic Violence Support; our annual review of gender pay equity; our approach to flexible work; targets in every part of Telstra for gender equality in terms of representation and promotions for women; and a focus on female representation in graduate recruitment achieving 62% female in 2016.


To learn more about "All Roles Flex", “Brilliant Connected Women” and the gender equity initiatives at Telstra, book your ticket now. Seats are limited. 

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