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Meet Trish Meecham, Moderator of the Retaining Women and Female Leaders Panel

Posted on 29/08/2016 by Marie Swarbreck

Meet our first Moderator;

Trish Meecham, Director Talent and Development, Talent Gap (HK) Ltd and Director, Justice Centre Hong Kong Ltd.

Trish will moderate the first panel discussion focusing on Retaining Female Talent on 29 September - Engaging women & women in leadership - 

You will learn more from:

  • Kabir Julka, Vice President, Human Resources, American Express (AMEX)
  • Sarah Bower, Senior Deal Advisory Partner and In House Legal Counsel, KPMG
  • Lynne Barry, Global Head of Learning and Development, Telstra
  • Mark Schiedigger, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich Insurance & EDGE representative


We asked Trish a few questions regarding Gender Equity, and her personal approach.


Question 1 - Can you introduce yourself in a couple of words?

Experienced talent and development professional, with around 20 years experience in the Asia Pacific region. A coach, facilitator, mentor, business owner, mother, wife and passionate supporter of women's rights and empowerment.


Question 2 - What are you currently doing to improve gender balance in HK?

Advocating for, coaching and developing men and women. It's important to talk about and creatively address the issues we find challenging. Gender balance is not just about women. I have important feminist conversations with men often, too. Raising the issue of bias and gender roles, based on our upbringing, culture, religions, is important for us to start becoming more self aware of how easily we can buy into and endorse stereotypical roles and beliefs.

I am a strong supporter of the Women's Foundation in HK having been a mentor on the 2014/15 program, and continue to support through the alumni steering committee. 

I am also a board director of an NGO, and much of what I am passionate about in my day-today work revolves around inclusive business environments, and providing people (men and women) with the skills and attitudes to succeed in their roles.


Question 3 - What are you doing to inspire women in leadership?

I come from New Zealand, the first country to give women the vote. As I was growing up, my mother was a feminist in her own quiet, determined way. I was a bit of a 'tomboy', riding horses, climbing trees and playing sports with my brothers. 

I am fervent about equal rights having come from a somewhat chauvinistic culture, but more so that I'm someone who knows what I want and goes out to get it. I've never let gender stand in the way of achieving my goals, although I have felt in some social circumstances that others expected me to behave in a different way because I'm a woman.... 

Hopefully, that 'authenticity' rubs off on other women and girls in leadership.

I'm also a sporty woman, I do weight training, I run, I push myself physically and mentally. I'm currently training for the Lantau Trail (70kms) to raise money for the NGO I'm involved with, Justice Centre Hong Kong. I also coach mini rugby the under 7's for my local team The South Lantau Buffaloes. I think physical health and fitness is really important for people, and especially getting girls into sports and exercise early to push their physical and emotional boundaries. This creates resilience and an attitude that "I can do it". That's really important in life – and in business.


Don't miss the opportunity to learn more from Trish and the Retaining Female Talent Panelists on 29 September. 

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