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Meet Liam Quinn, APAC Head of Business Continuity & Recovery, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Posted on 19/09/2016 by Marie Swarbreck

Meet Panelist #10

Liam Quinn, APAC Head of Business Continuity & Recovery, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Question 1 - Can you introduce yourself in a couple of words?

I consider myself a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” having spent 30 years in the Finance Industry spread evenly across Finance, Operations & Risk. 


Question 2 - How has your company/position got you involved in the gender equity space?

I have been consistently recognized for my strong leadership skills and with a proven track record of creating high performance and diverse teams. Part of this I attribute to a keen interest in languages, different cultures and Psychology.


Question 3 - What are you currently doing to improve gender balance in HK?

Under the umbrella of Women in Technology & Operations (WIT&O) we seek to promote a strong culture for gender diversity. Three example anchor programs seek to Attract, Develop and Retain high performing & potential female talents. 

  1. “Tech for Girls” aims to spark the interest of secondary school girls at an early age to pursue a career in Technology 
  2. ”Knowledge Series” aims to expose WIT&O member to diverse areas of knowledge in project management, Technology, and risk management and
  3. “Return to Work” aims at making Bank of America GT&O organization a more inclusive place to work by providing job opportunities for people who have had a career break.

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