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Meet Katrina North, Asia Pacific Diversity & Inclusion Leader at EY - Panelist at Gender Equity Conference on 21 September 2017

Posted on 21/08/2017 by Marie Swarbreck

Meet Katrina North, Asia Pacific Diversity & Inclusion Leader at EY

Our interview with Katrina:

Can you introduce yourself; 

Katrina North, APAC D&I Leader, serial traveller who is at my best working on complex problems and challenges in an intellectually tricky environment.

How did you get involved in the gender equity space; 

Promoting gender equity and equality is a key component of my role, I am very proud of the work that EY does with International Women’s Day, our Women.Fast Forward program and our very strong support of Entrepreneurial Winning Women.  Naturally, the work we support externally informs our approach internally which is why we are focusing on our policies and in particular parental leave to make sure they are

What are you doing to inspire women in leadership; 

We are focusing on making leadership visible and obtainable; we regularly showcase our amazing women leaders.

Locally, we are working with MentorWalks, an external organization with strong links to our Entrepreneurial Winning Women program, providing easy affordable access to successful women in a casual mentoring session.

What changes outside the workforce would you like to see in HK, which could positively impact Gender Equity;

Change to legislation around parental leave and more men taking parental leave and working flexibly – our work with the Peterson Institute shows the best enabler with women succeeding to leadership is men taking parental leave and working more flexibly