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Recruitment Options to Grow your team & business as an SME

Posted on 8/01/2018 by Admin Admin

Recruitment Options to Grow your team & business as an SME

Hiring your first team member or taking on an extra headcount can be a critical decision for an SME. As an entrepreneur, we tend to go over the numbers many times before making such decision.

As your business grows  you find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands ad additional expertise to support the growth. You also need to handover some of your tasks in order to allow you to focus on business development and managing the business.

When creating new roles and taking on people, we want to make sure we invest right, we look closely at the business needs as well as our budget. Is hiring someone full time the best way forward?

Your business might need several experienced people which can be costly but there are ways to attract the right talent by offering the right mix.

Mothers have been an untapped pool of talent as they take career breaks to have a family, look after parents or travel across the world for their partner’s job. When returning to the workforce they often consider flexible jobs that allow them to have a better work-family balance.

Women’s careers start at the same time as men’s do and middle management is reached by the time women are ready to start a family. At that point the career is put on hold and if lucky it can be picked up where left (if desired). We often find that priorities change after women have had children and therefore SMEs can really benefit from attracting experienced female talent.

There are about 330,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong*. They constitute over 98% of our business establishments and employ about 46% of our workforce in the private sector. Their vitality and business performance are of crucial importance to the development of the economy.

More research has shown that 91% of employers believe skill shortage will impact their operations in the year ahead. Over the last couple of years employers have improved their gender diversity performance. To help overcome SME skill shortages it can be worth thinking outside the box. This represents a great opportunity for mothers to increase their capacity on a flexible basis.

What options are there?

Flexible working or reduced hours options

There’s an untapped pool of talented highly experienced women and parents out there that need flexible working or reduced hours. Parents who have taken time out to have a family are often looking for a role that suits their family life. Tap into this talent pool and build a strong team.

Split a full time job into a job share
Having 2 part-timers for a similar price of one, gives you the benefit of two people’s collective experience and skills. To get the best out of this situation you need to create a close working relationship and a clear handover process. When this is set up correctly, it’s a win-win for you and your company.

Hire an interim or temp staff

As certain roles might only be temporary or needed at the busiest times of the year, having an extra experienced team member for a project or for a set period of time can be a cost-efficient solution. Women looking to return to the workforce often opt  for project work.

Hire a project consultant

Whilst hiring a project consultant can be more expensive, they are an effective solution. Consultants are used to coming in, hitting the ground running and making moves quickly that make a real difference.


As you can see, there are different options available to support your staffing and hiring needs. Each option has its advantages. Whether you’re experiencing a period of rapid growth or just looking to fill the gaps left by leaving staff, the above options are flexible and can support your growth and success.


At FLEXImums we specialise in empowering & connecting talented professionals on a flexible, part-time, full time or job share basis and give employers access to a more diverse pool of candidates.


*source: Trade & Industry Department of Hong Kong.