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Productivity tips

Productivity tips

Productivity tips

Productivity tips

Life is not slowing down these days for most of us. While being committed to work and feeling passionate about what we do for a living, we should not handle being overworked and tired as a badge of honour. Having proper rest and being organised about what we do is essential to a more balanced life. We’ve collected some essential productivity tips that will help you to get things done without losing your mind:

  • Write things down

This might sound like a very simple piece of advice; however, it is extremely useful. When you write your tasks and your commitments down, you free up some space in your mind to focus on other things. You also remove some pressure from yourself, having to remember things that are not essential to be kept in your mind. The fewer things you have to remember, the less distracted you will be, hence more productive. There are various online tools that you can search for, but a simple pen and paper or a document on your computer will do a good enough job.

  • Plan ahead

At the end of each workday, look through your tasks, deadlines, and project for the next day. Allocate your time and work according to what is urgent and what is a more challenging task. Decide what tasks need to be prioritised, and plan your day and your time commitment accordingly.

  • Worst is first 

When you know that you need to complete something with a deadline or just an important task, don’t leave it too late. We like to recommend doing the most challenging things first so that you have total concentration and a fresh brain at the beginning of your day. As your workday passes, your focus and attention might drop, and you can leave less demanding, more interesting tasks for that time. 

  • Focus

Ensure that you dedicate your full attention to the task at hand instead of logging in and out of Facebook, answering text messages, checking your friend’s photos that she just sent through WhatsApp. To stay productive, put away unnecessary technology, apps and platforms until all the things are done (or dedicate some time for catching up on your socials after lunch). 

  • Go Tomato (Take regular breaks) 

The Tomato Method is fantastic to remind yourself to take regular breaks; stand up from your desk, stretch your legs and drink some water. When you move around and allow your mind to wander a bit, you will return to your work refreshed and more focused. 

  • Work in blocks

Allocate blocks of time for routine tasks such as emails, phone calls, and reports to avoid interruptions when working on more demanding tasks. Set aside time when you don’t do anything else but attending to these tasks. 

  • Set your priorities

Make conscious decisions about what you want to include in your workday. Ensure that you think about more than just work-related things and plan nutritious meals, rest, and physical exercise. Looking after your wellbeing in a holistic and overarching way means that you are in your best shape for work and your family.

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