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​How to quit your job the right way

​How to quit your job the right way

​How to quit your job the  right way

How to quit your job the right way

Leaving a job on bad terms can have an impact on your future and your career down the road. Creating a scene, telling your "big opinion," neglecting your job while you are already hunting for your next position can all leave unnecessary negative experiences behind. And as we know it, the world can be a very small place when it comes to industry connections, especially when we are talking about a smaller place like Hong Kong (or any other city for that matter). Regardless of how ready you are to leave your current job, it is crucial to leave the right way. 

Talk to your Boss

Even if you are eager to tell your workplace besty or your enemy that you've got a new job, save this information to be shared with your boss the first time. Keep it a priority to communicate with your boss first in a respectful and organized manner. Thank your current employer/manager for the work experience and hand in your resignation with a proposed last day for work. 

Don't go into unnecessary details about why you decided to take this step, what wasn't working for you at your current workplace and focus on showing gratitude and appreciation for the experience. Once you have had your discussions with your boss, reach out to HR (person or department) to get started with the official paperwork. Hand in your resignation letter and agree about the last day of work and the handover process. Once your management knows about your decision, you can start talking about it with your colleagues. Again, in a respectful manner focusing on the positives. 

Until the end of your agreed work commitment, show up in your job as an exemplary employee. Do not slack; continue to do good work so that your team, colleagues, and the person taking over your job have a proper handover. This way, you can ensure that you leave a structured order behind instead of making your coworkers feel that your work was messy and of low quality.  

Exiting on good notes will allow you to keep positive relationships with your management team and coworkers. This certainly makes it much easier to get future references and recommendations. If you are staying in the same industry, there is a chance that in the future, you will connect with some of your team members and management in one way or the other, and you want to stand proud and tall knowing that you've done your best until your last working day. This alone can make a huge difference in your confidence levels and how you get to start your new job on the next step of your career. 

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