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FLEXImums has partnered with Coach Mentoring Ltd to provide Mentoring Programme Solutions for Hong Kong organisations. 

Coach Mentoring Ltd 
Coach Mentoring Ltd specialises in developing coaching and mentoring programmes to support men and women in the workplace at all stages of their careers and lives. Through the FLEXImums-Coach Mentoring partnership we want to bring Lis Merrick's expertise in designing and building mentoring programmes to Hong Kong and the region.

These tailored programmes can support organisations in retaining their high-potential talent and help them break through the glass ceiling to build equitable businesses where talent is at the centre. 

Since 2000, Lis Merrick has been focusing on designing and developing mentoring programmes to support women through the glass ceiling, in talent management programmes, in particularly male dominated environments and through maternity leave and returning to work. Some of these programmes have included elements of sponsorship, utilisation of both male and female role model mentors and an organised networking component.

At FLEXImums we are delighted to be partnering with Coach Mentoring Ltd to offer consultancy services and products to organisations we work with.

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