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TWF, Ellevate Hong Kong and Back to Work present Real Life Examples & Best Practices for Return to Work Programmes, Part Two


TWF, Ellevate Hong Kong and Back to Work present Real Life Examples & Best Practices for Return to Work Programmes, Part Two

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

07:00 PM

In today's economy, and even more so moving forward, careers marked by transitions, pivots and reinventions are likely to become the norm and particularly so for women given that we currently tend to take more career breaks.

Historically, a successful career has been characterised by a steady upward progression in title, in responsibility and in pay. In the future it will be more about proactively constructing an interesting and varied career through building one's skills base and making more lateral moves.

Part One focused on the business rationale for adopting Return-To-Work programmes and hiring returnees. We heard from a range of global organisations that are running successful RTW programmes.  

Part Two will focus on success markers for effective RTW programmes. TWF will share its new Best Practice Guide to RTW programmes, and hiring managers and returnees will share their success stories and advice.

Part Two

Zoe Henham, Global Head of Human Resources, CLSA & Chair of the HR Advisory Committee at The Women’s Foundation, will introduce TWF's new Best Practice Guide for Return-to-Work Programmes. 

This will be followed by a panel discussion on how to best enable women to reintegrate into the workforce.  

Topics for discussion include:
•    Identifying and overcoming common barriers to women returning to work
•    Success markers for Return-to-Work Programmes for women
•    Tips for women returning to work after an extended career break

•    Hayden Majajas, APAC Head of D&I, Bloomberg LP

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