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Whether you need great talent on an affordable full-time or part-time basis; an interim or contract professional to fill a gap or complete a project; or a freelancer with specialist skills - FLEXImums is your partner. 

We act as a specialist agency to help you find the right flexible resource for your business.

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FLEXImums offers a customised service for each client. We take care of every aspect of the recruitment process including advertising, attracting, pre-screening, interviewing and short-listing candidates following your requirements. 

We facilitate your growth by letting you focus on your business.

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To list a job on the website, fill out the form below. A FLEXImums consultant will be in touch within 24hours to assist you with the listing and fees.

Are you a start-up and looking for a team to support the launch of your business, FLEXImums provides the perfect talent-team. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can support your business.

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FLEXImums is now a Best Practice Partner with Great Place to Work. If you are interested in becoming Great Place To Work Certified, get in touch.  

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