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Marie Swarbreck, founder of FLEXImums, started her career in the communications, sales and events sector working across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Canada. After having her daughter Arabelle in Hong Kong during 2014, Marie found herself in need of flexible yet challenging work and little to no options to choose from. FLEXImums was born out of her desire to raise awareness for all mums that wanted to work. 

“Having a baby was a dream come true but having a fulfilling career has always been very important for me as well. In many countries in Europe, including Belgium where I was born, this ispossible and I feel that for many mums, flexibility would allow us to combine being a parent and having a fulfilling job. FLEXImums has given me the avenue and the voice to raise awareness and create a mummunity*!”

Marie Swarbreck

*mummunity stands for a strong community of mums.

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